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Toronto Classifieds

BEST Xenon HID High Low Beam stock clearance

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BEST Xenon HID stock clearance

Installation is Plug-N-Play and is simple enough for a first time installer to do in 20-30 minutes.

What kind of HID Color do we offer?


While you’d think that the more K you have, the more bluer the lights are, the better off you’ll be, in fact the effect is opposite. The more K you have, sure you’ll be more blue and stand out more, however the light output is LESS. Which means that you will look very good from far away, but you will not be able to see too much on the road at night not to mention you have a good chance of being pulled over by the police.

Benefits of HID Conversion Kit?

In principle, the HID lamps that you get with Xenon HID kit has mixed with the noble gases xenon gas to entirely replace the use of fibers that halogen lamps. This noble gases, xenon and are included in the quartz tube that is connected to two power lines electrodes. If the electricity is released in the HID lamp and reaches the noble gases, there is an arch made. The arch you see when using a conversion kit, HID xenon lamp provides a light that is three times more intense than the average halogen lamps.


Why you should upgrade to DIGITAL SLIM BALLASTS:


The HID has an ultra slim Digital Ballast which means that it is able to handle vehicles such as the 08+ lancer gts which have troubles with the DRL. Due to the embedded anti flicker, flickering problem has finally been resolved without the splicing and any modification to the hid system.

Free 1 Year manufacture warranty.

Warranty covers both ballasts and bulbs but will not cover any unprofessional installation. This is 100% true so you know we got you covered.

Visit Us:


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Ad Info

ID: 10047
Posted on: 2013-02-21 23:05:58
Link (shortened): http://toronto.miniads.ca/10047
Price: $80
Address: Sudbury [See Google Map Directions]
Phone: 403265896
Site: http://www.hidkitcanada.com


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