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Toronto Classifieds

Apple iPhone 4G / Apple iPad 2 / BlackBerry Torch 9800 / Nikon D7000 / Pioneer CDJ-900

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Brand New Original Discounted Product List.All comes with full accessories and 1 year

Buy 2 get 1 free.

Apple Iphone 4 32GB $400
Apple Iphone 4 16GB $300
Apple Iphone 3gs 32gb $230
Apple Iphone 3gs 16gb $200
Apple Ipad 32GBWiFi+3G $200
Apple Ipad 64GBWiFi+3G $250
Apple Ipad 2 64GB WIFI+3G $500
Apple Ipad 2 32GB WIFI+3G $400
Apple Ipad 2 16GB WIFI+3G 4 300
BlackBerry Torch 9800 $350
blackberry Bold 2 9700 $270
Blackberry Bold 9000 $220
Blackberry Javelin $180
BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 $260
Nokia N900 32GB $350
Nokia N810 16GB $230
Nokia N8 White $300

Nikon D7000 DSLR $700
Nikon D5000 DSLR $500
Nikon D700 DSLR $850
Nikon D90 DSLR $600
Nikon D3 12.1MP DSLR $1000
Canon EOS 5D Mark II $1000

2x CDJ-1000 MK3 + DJM-800 Mixer Package…….$1800
2X PIONEER CDJ-350 Turntable + DJM-350 Mixer....$1300
Pioneer CMX-3000 Dual Rackmount CD Player……….$600
Pioneer EFX-1000 Performance Effector Digital Effects Processor..$650
Pioneer CDJ-900 Professional Multi-Player…..$900
Pioneer CDJ-2000 CD Turntable……$1200
Pioneer CDJ-850 Turntable............$700
Pioneer CDJ-350 Turntable...........$480
Pioneer CDJ-200 Pro CD Player……$230
Pioneer DVJ-X1 DJ Video Player……..$900
Pioneer SVM-1000 Pro Audio/Video DJ Mixer…..$2300
Pioneer CDJ-800MK2 Professional CD/MP3 Turntable…..$450
Pioneer DVJ-1000 Professional DVD Turntable….$800
Pioneer DJM-500 mixer…..$450
Pioneer DJM-300 mixer….$350
Pioneer DJM-3000 mixer…$500
Pioneer DJM-707 mixer….$400
Pioneer DJM-700-S Mixer..$600
Pioneer DJM-909 mixer….$700
Pioneer EFX-500 mixer….$350
Pioneer CDJ-400 Turntable….$430
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK2…..$450
Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3…..$500
Pioneer DJM-400 Mixer …..$400
Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer……$600
Pioneer DJM-1000 Mixer….$1400
Pioneer DJM-2000 Mixer....$1700
Pioneer DJM-5000 Mixer….$700
Pioneer DJM-600 mixer…..$500

Numark iDJ 2 DJ Console for the iPOD ………..$540
Numark CDX Direct-Drive CD Turntable……$500
Numark TTX Direct-Drive Turntable…………$300
Numark X2 Pro Hybrid Turntable And CD / MP3 Player…..$700
Numark DVD01 Dual DVD Player………$400
Numark 5000FX 12 5-Channel Tabletop Mixer ….$400
Numark DXM09 Digital DJ Mixer…$350
Numark NS7 DJ Turntable Controller………$900
Numark NS6 DJ Turntable Controller.......$700
Numark V7 DJ Turntable Controller....$800
Numark Mixdeck Turntable Player......$560

contact details:

Mail: sellingalart01***
Skype: sellingalart01

Ad Info

ID: 800
Posted on: 2011-08-27 14:12:46
Link (shortened):
Price: $400


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